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Lawn Maintenance

Weekly cutting  or as needed.Mowing all turf areas, clippings to be collected  as needed and will never be sprayed into beds. Clippings can be dumped on property or hauled to the Recycling Plant.
     Weedwacking of buildings, decks, 
lights poles, culverts and other 
      Trees with grass growing up to the 
bark will not be weedwacked tightly.
Weedwacking the bark can cause damage to trees and subsquent death.  Grounds will be left neat; clearing of driveway, patio and walkway of clipings. Removal of litter from grounds. 

Landscape Design

Kindred Landscaping can handle 
projects of any size. From a simple
foundation planting to a complex 
water features. 
     We work with a wide variety of 
plants, raised beds and rocks to make
your design unique and colorful all 
year long.    
     Kindred Landscaping can maintain
your personalized design by keeping
plants healthy, pruned, beds mulched 
and weed free. 

Bark Mulch

Before spreading new mulch  
we will remove old mulch, reedge beds and weed. Mulch will

then spread to a 2-3 inch depth.
       Pre-emergeent granula can
 be spread in beds to help stop 
weeds from germenating.
       Bark Mulch comes in a 
variety of colors. Black, Brown, 
Hemlock Red and Orange 
depending on your design.
       Mulch helps control weeds,
keeps plant roots cooler and 
wetter in the Summer. Mulching 
also keeps plant roots absorbing 
water longer, lasting into late Fall.

Dethatching and Aeration

Thatch  prevents water, air, and 
fertilizer from entering the lawns root
     Lawn Dethatcher uses vertical 
rows of blades that slice though turf
and rips up thatch placing it on top.
Blades are generally set 1/2 inch 
into the ground.
      If your soil is compacted, water,
air, and fertilizer cannot get to the 
root system causing the grass to fade 
     Aeration process involves 
mechanically poking thousands of 
holes in the ground.

Spring and Fall Clean Ups

Spring clean ups includes 
removing fallen limbs, leaves, debris 
and road sand from lawn areas. 
Cleaning beds and pruning Winter 
damaged from trees and shrubs.
      Fall clean ups start after a 
majorty of the leaves have fallen. 
We remove all leaves, pine needles 
and other debris from lawn area and 
       All leaves and debris will be 
taken away to the Recycling Plant or
we can add to your compost pile.

Fertilizer and
Insect Programs

Kindred Landscaping 
offers a variety of appilcations 
and prices:

(number of applications vary with each program)

Fertilier Programs
Surface Insect Control
Broadleaf Weed Control
Crabgrass Control
Lime Application 


Over 30 years of experience you can trust.

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